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You are probably here because you are searching for something – clarity, change, improvement or understanding.

You may be wondering if you are living the ‘right’ life or simply surviving the one you’ve fallen into.

With the right counsellor you can find guidance around challenging obstacles, and to move on to a more comfortable course of life.

Counselling explores the causes of the troubled thoughts and behaviours you may experience.

A skilled and experienced counsellor acts as a guide, helping you to reassess a specific life-changing or traumatic experience, or issues from your past that shape your feelings and behaviours today.

My name is Jackie Ralph and I am a therapist based in Essex.  I have been trained in an Intergrative approach and  I feel this is like having a variety of models, techniques and tools all in one box.  As each individual person is unique and distinctive, not always is it beneficial to use just one approach.  By utilising an Integrative therapy a helping program can therefore be specifically designed for the client’s unique needs, addressing peculiarities of their personality and situation.

I am also a Reiki/EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) therapist and believe that combining the three therapies together can be very powerful.  I am also incorporating the Metamorphic Technique into my practice (which is in Cold Norton, Chelmsford, Essex) which has had some fantastic results, using this with Reiki is very complimentary.  In February 2016 I will be able to offer Indian Head Massage.

I understand that it could feel like you are feeling like a failure for seeking some help.  This is indeed not the case as you are wanting to feel different and change your life in to a more positive journey.  Many people go to the hairdresser or Gym to make themselves feel better and look good.  It concerns me that mental health issues do not get recognition and I can offer you help and support with many of them.  During your initial consultation, which is safe and confidential, you will feel comfortable to talk about your worries, thoughts and feelings at a pace that suits you.  You will feel really listened to and understood, learn new coping strategies and feel empowered to make the right changes for you to improve your situation and your wellbeing.

By talking to me you will be able to release difficult feelings, challenge negative thoughts and beliefs and gain clarity and perspective.  But the most important experience of all is that you will feel relaxed and have a positive outlook on your life.  My practice is a calm and relaxing place for wellbeing, and is in a quiet rural village in Essex.

Counselling is a proven treatment for:

Addiction recovery and relapse prevention

Relationship problems

Depression and mental ill health

Stress management

Bereavement and loss

Anger management

Physical, sexual, emotional abuse

Eating disorders

Bullying/harassment at work

Drug and Alcohol misuse





 ‘Life is too short to wake up with regrets.

So love the people who treat you right.

Forget about the one’s who don’t.

Believe everything happens for a reason…

If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands.

If it changes your life, let it.

Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.’