“Wow. Last nights therapy was by far the most rewarding and beneficial yet.

Yesterday morning I had my counselling for the foster care/adoption I went through as a child. As you are aware I found the session really hard and after it was over I spent the rest of the day drained and emotionally exhausted. The realisation of what I went through as a young boy hurt my feelings in such a sad way.

I came over to see you last night and wasn’t in a great place still. Usually we chat about things before/during the metamorphic treatment but not last night. I had nothing to say this time. You started the therapy straight away and the following happened –

Starting on my right foot I felt relaxed and at ease pretty much 5 minutes into it. A gentle warm wave started to develop along the right side of my body which built up to a constant rush. At this point I lost myself and drifted off into what I would describe as a ‘comatose state’. I couldn’t hear music, I wasn’t aware of my surroundings but every now and then I was aware of a sudden burst of what I can only describe as emotional energy escape me. It literally flew out of me.

When you finished you brought me back around and I felt heavily sedated and dazed. It took me a few minutes to come back to my usual self but when I did the results were unbelievable. The sadness and pain I felt all day are a distant memory. I know how I felt before the therapy but I cant feel it now. I cant comprehend how this works but it is changing me, my outlook and my emotional feelings for the better and I can’t thank you enough.

I would say im an open-minded guy but the results of the metamorphic therapy are just outstanding for me. Yesterday I will remember for along long time and for all positive reasons. Instead of being angry I now have a while range of emotions that are new to me that im quickly coming to terms with and more importantly understanding and appreciating.  Wow, just wow.           MALE 39


 ” Metamorphic technique – I really don’t know how to explain how and what has happened but I will try my best ……. During the treatment I was engulfed in a euphoric energy whilst you treated my right hand side. During treatment on my left hand side I felt sedated by the same feeling but not as intense. I found the therapy to be outstanding and an experience I have never felt before.

Overnight I am a totally different person which sounds absurd but its true. All my worries and stresses aren’t at fever pitch as they were prior to this, they are merely passing thoughts that don’t consume me and I have my focus back. I feel like im walking on air today and positivity is oozing from me.

Im in shock truth be told. How can something change so much overnight? Im expecting things to revert back to how they only because I cant believe the rapidness of change but even as I say this I doubt that will actually happen.

Thank you so much. This is potentially life changing for me and for all the right reasons. Words can’t do what I’m saying justice but I’ve tried.”      MALE 39


“Having never experienced anything like reiki before, I wasn’t really sure what to expect and was a little nervous…but Jackie made me feel completely at ease! She is so warm and comforting, and I felt like I could tell her anything…which lead to a very moving EFT session followed by a very peaceful reiki treatment. I left Jackie after about an hour and a half feeling like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders!! I don’t fully understand how reiki and eft work…but they really do! Over the next 7 days I continued to feel more positive and balanced…and as a result much happier. I had my second reiki treatment last night and feel even more peaceful and relaxed. I can not recommend Jackie and her treatments highly enough!! Thank you :-)” Female 34


“Amazing talented caring and thoughtful person. Thank you for all your help. I’m astounded with the metaphoric technique – life changing”  Male 32


“JRPsyche…what can I say!
Fantastic Reiki and EFT sessions and a great listener :-)
Thank you for being you and keep up your fabulous work.” Female 45


“The treatment is brilliant and really benefits me in my recovery and always something to look forward to. Also it was good just to have a chat about things with Jackie.”  Male 32


“I have recently had two sessions of the Metamorphic Technique and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I left feeling incredibly relaxed and euphoric and have found that I have handled situations a lot better than I normally would. It has also helped me to deal with some very painful emotions and is allowing me to let go of all the hurt, anger and distress I have experienced. I’m looking forward to having more sessions and would defiantly recommend it!”  Female 21