What is EFT?


EFT is a  leading edge energetic medicine and proven personal growth tool which evolved from the studies of thought field therapy and was simplified by EFT founder Gary Craig as a valuable self help tool.  EFT can be safely self applied to give relief to just about every human condition.

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EFT is  applied by implementing a series of finger tapping on specific  points on the face and body, While verbalising the troubling issue that triggers distressing emotional pain and difficulty. After just a few rounds of tapping, the discomfort immediately reduces. 

This gentle process produces an energetic healing reaction in the body and mind, clears deeply ingrained emotional and physical pain that may have been present for many years, locked within the cells of the body. Clearing these blocks makes a space for peaceful relief of our perception and experience of distressing situations. 

More astounding are the desired results that are often gained by new confidence, positive attraction, wellbeing, emotional intelligence  strength and calmness that becomes newly available, because what was in the way is now not there.



Like a tree that has large branches with little ones growing from them, we can hold onto little emotions attached to larger ones.  By exploring and recognising what the large emotion is, the little ones attached can then also start to disperse. 



EFT is a very simple technique and easy to use.

 It is very relaxing and it can be used anywhere for any emotion.

It is good for issues that have not been dealt with from the past, current situations or even future events that are causing anxiety.

 It is also very effective on children and animals.


It can be used on ANY emotion or distressing thought

whether relating to past, present or future situations.


No side effects

No needles

No pills or chemicals

No long drawn out ‘Tell me your life story’

It is drug-free and painless

Often works where nothing else will

Usually rapid, long lasting and gentle

Easily learned and can be self

Can be self applied

It does not involve having to analyse problems or cope with heavy emotional reactions


It is very safe and harmless. 


Once applied the comforting effects of EFT begin to take effect becoming an opportunity to gain balance and motivation as your life moves forward…. 

EFT eliminates the reliving of a  trauma, because the emotional intensity can be dissolved almost immediately.  Some people do experience a few tears, and some physical sensations, but this is part of the healing process and a clear sign that the removal of blocked energy in the bodies system is shifting.